We are an integrated metallurgy centre for rolled metal sheets dedicated to strapping; smoothing and cutting in sheets; annealing of non-ferrous metals; and coating and varnishing of coils in continuous line operation.
We commercialize rolled sheets such as tin plate, aluminium, aluminized steel, galvanized metal sheets, cor-ten steel, and silicon, of which we have a permanent stock.
On account of the variety of products and services we offer, we can supply all manufacturing industries.

The Story of a Company with a Future

More than 50 years ago, Ismael Broide was the founder of SINTECROM in association with a Chilean business group.
In its beginning, the company's business was based on the process of cleaning the tinplating of leftover tinfoil sheets.
Then, the purchase and selection of strips provided by meat processing plants and container factories was added to this activity, and smelting was added in the 60s.
By the end of that decade, SINTECROM was importing tinfoil from England and the U.S.A.

Promoting National Industry

In the beginnings of the 70s, when SOMISA started trials to manufacture tinfoil in our country, SINTECROM became the most important distributor of the first Argentine tinfoil sheets.
During the 80s, the Broide family acquired total ownership of the company.

A Symbol of Progress

A great transformation started happening in the early 90s.
It was decided to discontinue smelting operations to begin the transformation into a complete center for metallurgy services.
SINTECROM becomes a distributor for SIDERAR, incorporating Galvanized Steel as a product, offering it also in sheets and metal strips acccording to Customers' needs.
Silicon, both Grain Oriented and Non-Oriented, as well as Brass were incorporated as products.
By the end of the decade, manufacturing of canned food containers was incorporated as a Business Unit, for which purpose a complete modern plant was acquired.

The Beginning of a New Era

In the last years of the 90s, SINTECROM became one the most important Aluminium Service Centers in South America.
This stage opened the way for new areas such as Cosmetics, Refrigeration, Linen, and Cables.
To accompany the constant search for Quality, SINTECROM achieved the ISO 9001:2008 Certification issued by one of the most exacting certifying organisms, as is TUV Rheinland, thus opening new regional markets such as Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Betting on Growth

Lately SINTECROM set into operation a coil coating and varnishing line that is unique in the market. This line is used for coating ferrous and non-ferrous materials of different thicknesses with different types of coatings. This story is underlined by the constant search for growth according to the perceived needs of Customers and Markets.
We have strongly committed ourselves to investing in our country, and training our workforce, thus encouraging the growth of the entire SINTECROM family.


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