Painting Line

We have integrated into our metallurgy service centre the new Coil Coating and Varnishing Line for coils and strips.
This process, combined with the cutting processes of our service centre, allows us to provide suitable amounts and flexible measurements in keeping with Sintecrom's philosophy.



Coil Coating is the continuous and highly automated industrial process used for efficiently coating metal coils. Before applying the coating, the entire surface is cleaned and treated, thus providing a strongly joined finishing.
The Coated Metal Coil (often called pre-coated metal) is considered more durable and more rust-resistant than most post-coated metals.
Pre-coated metal is increasingly more used in industries such as car manufacturing, household appliances, building, industrial refrigeration, coatings, etc.



The versatility of our line allows us to coat or varnish any kind of laminated metal in coils, such as: Tin Plate, Galvanized Metal Sheets, Aluminium, and Aluminized Steel, among others.



This Line for Coating Coils allows for an uninterrupted process that applies up to two separate coating layers on one or both sides of a metal strip substrate.


Types of Coating:

• Polyester
• Acrylic
• Polyurethane
• Epoxyphenolic


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