From the beginning, SINTECROM carried out the process of stripping the tin layer off of tin plate leftovers, thus salvaging tin and steel from the materials.
This fact has positioned us as a pioneer company for developing and applying recycling techniques in our processes in Argentina for more than 50 years.
We care for the responsible management of wastes generated by our activity, starting by minimizing their generation and by making an effective classification of same.
Most of these leftovers are non dangerous solids, which we endeavor to manage effectively in order to reutilize them.

Human Resources Policies

We select and link competent human talent framed by the corporate values of Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity, and by always behaving transparently.
SINTECROM's Management Principles inspire all employees when it is time to act and relate to other people, and our human talent is caracterized for acting proactively to protect their own integrity, that of others and that of the environment, thus guaranteeing safety in operations and facilities, and promoting a healthy and friendly working environment.

Come and Work With Us

If you want to progress by being part of the SINTECROM family, send us your resumé indicating in the Subject Matter the department you are interested in, to cv@sintecrom.com.ar


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